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A natural-looking set of dentures can completely transform your smile and restore your ability to chew and speak. At A to Z Dental Studio in Fairfax, Virginia, Hiba Zakhour, DDS, provides partial and full dentures, as well as overdentures. From initial preparation to denture creation and follow-up visits, A to Z Dental Studio offers realistic-looking dentures that look and feel like your natural teeth. Call the office, or schedule a consultation online today to learn more.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that restore your smile and surrounding tissues if you have a few missing teeth or are missing all your teeth. They consist of a set of natural-looking artificial teeth attached to a pink acrylic base that looks identical to your gums.

Are there different types of dentures?

A to Z Dental Studio offers several types of dentures at the office and can help you choose the right type for you. Denture options include:

Full dentures

Also called complete dentures, full dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth and rest directly on top of your gums. To create a set of full dentures, your provider first removes any decayed or damaged teeth and makes impressions.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures replace some of the teeth in one or both of your arches. The teeth in partial dentures connect to a pink base or metal framework, similar to a dental bridge, to restore your smile. 

Not only do partial dentures replace missing teeth, but they also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.


Rather than resting on top of your gums, overdentures connect to dental implants — small titanium posts that replace your tooth roots where you have missing teeth. An overdenture can give your replacement teeth the most natural look and feel possible.

What is the process like for getting dentures?

The A to Z Dental Studio team provides the entire denture process, including preparation for the dentures, denture creation, placement, and follow-up visits.

It can take several weeks to plan and create dentures that fit perfectly. If you opt for full dentures, your provider must first remove any teeth you have left in your mouth. Over the following 4-6 weeks, your gum tissue heals and swelling starts to subside.

Once your mouth heals, your provider takes impressions of your mouth to create your new dentures. 

At your final visit, your provider places your dentures and checks the fit before making any necessary adjustments.

High-quality dentures restore your confidence, smile, and ability to speak and chew comfortably. To see if dentures are right for you, call A to Z Dental Studio, or schedule an appointment online today.